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Some Church Facts

The Church is an important part of our rural community.  This page hopefully will provide shortcuts to some of the main aspects of the work of the Churc.h

The Church Of England Main Web Site

This Main Church web Site cover all aspects of the Church activities and is idea for those wishing to dwell and explore a all aspects of church Life

The Chelmsford Diosice Main Web site

This site covers all the organisation and  activities in the diocise

Listed below are quicky shortcuts to specific interest points to save you having to search through the above sites

Matters of of Faith

Faith in Action - Vocational Aspects

The work of the PCC

Advice - Funding Finance- Maintenance Transforming Presence - Contacts -

People Directory

Directory - Committees - News - Publications -  Twitter - U tube - etc

The Church Policies

Policy Matters - Handbooks - Ministry Vision-  and Budgets

Role of Ministers

The Clergy Roles in the community - their opportunities and vacancies

The Area Structure

Structural operating areas in the diocise

Life Events

Baptism - Confirmations - Marriages -  and Funerals

Schools and Youth

Schools - Youth Ministry - Child Protection - and Vulnerable Adults

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